Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rangers Rebound For The King

It was only a stick near an eye. So he was bleary eyed for a while. Who knows, he may even had been bleary eyed last night but this is the King and when he wills his way he usually wins out. Last night an injured Henrik Lundqvist helped carry his team to a series tying 4-2 win bringing the series and home ice advantage back to the Garden.

Think of it. Henrik Lundqvist has brought home ice advantage to the Rangers. It's now three of five with three games at MSG. Sure he had help. Yandel had his best offensive game of the season. JT Miller gave a Wayne Gretsky imitation with three big assists and was assertive all night. The two young D men were terrific. McIlrath got a little over 9 minutes while Brady Skjei got about 19 minutes.

You think a baseball player would be back after a ball near the eye? Probably would have made the DL. But this is hockey and more important this was Henrik Lundqvist, the King. He may relinquish his crown but its not going to be taken away by a puck near the eye. The Pens have to step up their game to take it away and besides their goal tending problems are bigger than pucks near the eye.

This is now a dog eat dog series. Best of five. Go Lundqvist! Go Rangers!

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  • mbernold said...

    how can you win a stanley cup without strong centers. stephan and brassard are sub par centers!!! trading for old players--st. louis, boyle, yandle and giving away young players, your draft picks and being unable to afford a key player--hagelin , is a recipe for failure. the rangers are an old over the hill team now, and will be for years to come--with no draft picks and no money under the cap to get good free agents.
    how many new york teams have followed this formula for disaster--too many to count!!!