Sunday, July 01, 2007

Free (But Expensive) Agency

With the prices the contenders and pretenders will be shelling out you wonder why they call it free agency, why not expensive agency or free for all or bankruptcy now and poor house and sanity later. Anyhow, the madness is ready to start much to the delight of the fans and the chagrin of the GM's and owners.

The Rangers, as I stated in a previous post, are gunning for both Drury and Gomez. They are running a gamble by not having Nylander under contract yet. They could hit the jackpot by signing both Drury and Gomez or they could go in the toilet by blowing it and not getting neither of the three, Drury, Gomez and Nylander. Right now all the sports columnists and other bloggers are making all kinds of predictions of why certain players will sign with certain teams. Players are going to sign depending on the size of the contract. The only sure thing seems to be that the Devils have lost Gomez and Buffalo has lost Drury. Oh yeah, the Devils have also lost Rafalski.

Speaking of the Devils, how in the world does Lamoriello hire a coach now after last years fiasco? What coach in his right mind would want to coach the Devils now? I have always thought the world of Lou and considered him to be the finest GM in the business but after last year, I am not sure anymore. But Lou is resourceful and despite the loss of key players he will have a playoff team ready to go at the start of the season even if he has to coach them himself.

I'm betting the Rangers resign Nylander and sign Gomez. However, I bet Dewey would beat Truman and that one day pigs would fly, so don't go to the bank just yet. There are other big names out there but they are in their declining years, names like Forsberg and Kariya and Guerin. The hope with guys like these is that they have comeback years. More often than not its mucho bucks spent on names and not performances. Let the games begin.


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  • HOWARD said...

    A way back in the middle of May, when debate was raging on this site
    as to whether the Rangers should sign Gomez Or Drury, I suggested they try to sign both of them. Well there were some comments about what I was smoking
    and other references to my anatomy
    and the location of my gray matter.
    Well it looks like I was correct.
    So, it turns out, I do know what I'm talking about. Let's go If we can get Souray
    my trifecta will come true.

  • mike said...

    howard-You hit it right on the nose. If your trifecta comes true you may see the biggest Broadway parade ever.

  • HOWARD said...

    From your mouth to God's ears.
    In order to get Souray, I figure they'll have to move 2 defensemen, more than likely Malik & Mara in order to eventually fit Souray under the cap. What's your take, Mike. In any event, I hope & pray
    for a parade.