Monday, July 02, 2007

Sather Shoots — He Scores

How about that! The man pulled it off and signed the two hottest commodities, Daniel Briere not withstanding, on the first day of free agency. Scotty Gomez from the hated Devils and Chris Drury who put the stake in the heart of the Rangers in last years playoffs, are now Rangers. In the general scheme of things they are 1 and 1A and from here it doesn't seem to matter who centers Jagr and who centers Shanahan. It is a big win-win situation that Sather has created for the Rangers. In a strange moment Sather flipped a puck to see who would wear number 23 and Drury won the flip and will wear the number.

Michael Nylander took off for Washington where he will feed Ovechkin with his dipsy doo skating. Nylander played great for the Rangers but there is no way that the Rangers lose with two players like Drury and Gomez. Another big sentimental loss was Jed Ortmeyer signing with Nashville. He will be sorely missed for his kamikaze style attack and magnificent penalty killing. He was a huge fan favorite and won the Steven McDonald Award last year.

In a curious move the Rangers signed Jason Strudwick. I would assume that this will loosen up a defenseman for a trade for maybe a strong penalty killer or bruiser or maybe a solid tough stay at home defenseman. I don't think the Rangers can win with last years defense corps in tact. Certainly moving Malik would be a plus despite what his plus/minuses are.

The Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference are in for a massive shakeup. The Sabres and Devils have been fairly decimated. Besides the Rangers, the Penguins have improved with the addition of defenseman Darlyl Sydor and forward Petr Sykora. The Flyers have added Briere plus some young players in a trade and have former backup goalie Marty Biron of Buffalo. Even Washington has become a strong playoff threat adding Kozlov and Poti from the Isles along with Nylander. More on the East later.


NY Post headline: B'way Bonanza, Rangers land Gomez & Drury
NY Post
B'way Bonanza
Rangers Sign Big-Name Free Agents Gomez & Drury
Daily News
Blueshirts Turn 2
Journal News
Rangers Sign Top-Tier Centers Drury, Gomez
Hartford Courant
Time To Make A Cup Push

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  • Anonymous said...

    My two cents?

    There they go again...

    Forget chemistry, forget heart, forget soul, forget anything short of the big splash and big money stars dancing in Generalissimo Sather's eyes.

    I'm sure we'll be fine with Drury and Gomez. I'm sure we'll be picked by one and all to be a "top contender for Lord Stanley's chalice."

    But Nylander and Jed should have been re-signed. Ortmeyer in particular reminded me of the days when a blood n' guts player who gave 100% meant more than a multi-million dollar free-agent superstar.

    Time will tell if Gomez and Drury produce or will just be the latest cars added to the Kamensky-MacLean-Malakhov-Holik-Lidros-Fleury-Bure etc. train.

  • mike said...

    pete millerman-Just a guess but I believe Drury and Gomez are character type guys a cut above the ones you mentioned.

  • Anonymous said...

    It seems predicting the success of Sather's moves is like calling a slightly loaded pair of dice.

    Like pete said the, "Kamensky-MacLean-Malakhov-Holik-Lidros-Fleury-Bure etc. train." were all snakes eyes.

    As was getting Sandis Ozolinsh in 2006. But then he rolls a 7 and gets Shanny. Hope Drury and Gomez both come up winners. But, as you know sometimes a gambler, and that it seems is what Sather has become, just goes cold.

    Echoing what mike & pete have already said. I'll really miss Jed Ortmeyer.

  • mike said...

    walker texas ranger-Don't forget, he also got Avery. I don't know one Ranger fan who is happy to see Ortmeyer go. Renney may wish he never left.

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