Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sather On A Roll

Is there a GM in hockey who is having more fun than Glen Sather? Sather is having one hell of a time in this off season. First it was the draft, then the free agency and now it is the trade route. On paper he seems to be having a perfect summer setting the stage for the grand opening in less than ninety days.

In a deal that was more significant for the salary cap implications than the player personnel, Sather traded Matt Cullen back to the Hurricanes for 6'2" 206 pound defenseman Andrew Hutchinson, who played in all of 41 games with the Hurricanes last year and still led their defensemen in power play points (8) and assists (6). Hutchinson has played 95 NHL games and has scored 33 points, which comes to one point every 2.8 games. As a comparison Michal Rozsival gets a point every 2 games and Marek Malik gets a point every 3.29 games. Is Sather setting up another trade involving a defenseman?

Trading away Cullen gives Sather roughly $2.5 mil extra in the salary cap. Cullen was sporadic last year playing much better at the tail end of the season when he was made the third line center. In all fairness Cullen was misused most of the season by Tom Renney. Renney rarely played Cullen on the point on power plays even though he was quite successful at that with the Hurricanes' Stanley Cup Champs. The departure of Cullen opens up a spot for a Dubinsky or Dawes or is Sather thinking of signing Peter Forsberg as the third line center, power play and penalty killer specialist?

ICINGS: Condolences and prayers go out to the family of John Ferguson, Sr., who passed away at the age of 68. He coached the Rangers from 1976-78 amid much turmoil. He basically forced the retirement of Rod Gilbert, changed the Ranger uniforms and traded Rick Middleton to Boston. The Rangers only won 43 of the 121 games he coached. He had a much more successful career as a Montreal Canadien where he wrecked havoc on the Rangers regularly. A tough, rugged player, John Ferguson, Sr. R.I.P.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Any ideas on what team out there might consider taking Marek Malik and his $2.5M?

  • mike said...

    anonymous-We may have to wait for the season to get under way where some injuries could create an opening. His $2.5M is the biggest problem.

  • Anonymous said...

    Grandpa I'ts me Kaila (aka dollface) i hope ur enjoying ur trip can't wait till u come back oh btw coll blog u r sooo smart i love u and grandma so much Happy anniversary!! Love Always, Kaila:)

  • mike said...

    Doll face-We love you too sweetheart. See you soon. Love, Grandpa.