Friday, October 19, 2007

Rangerland Pukes

NY Hockey Talk with Rob Kowal
New York Rangers fans got universally sick to their stomachs last night.

The Dark Ranger said:
Renney Successfully Transforms Rangers Into AHL Team... -- The falling from grace continued this evening as The New York Rangers embarrassed themselves in Atlanta, losing to the ailing Thrashers 3-5. The beat writers are going to have a field day with their abominable performance tonight. The team will probably shrug off whatever Tom Renney, coach of the Blueshirts, has to say this evening after the game and during the trip to Boston. That is, until they read about themselves in the papers tomorrow morning. Maybe it's time for a shot of heroin to take the burn-off, bring the anger down...please hold me back from writing in caps...

The Hockey Rabbi said:
Pathetic! -- The woeful Blueshirts are losers again. The most recent defeat came courtesy of the NHL's doormat Atlanta Thrashers. It's getting late real early on Broadway. It's not so much the losses that are cause for concern. After all, we're only six games into a season of drastic change. Rather, it's the fact that their don't seem to be any line combinations that make sense. Or maybe it's the coaching staff that can't seem to find the right combinations? ...

Dubi at BlueShirt Bulletin said:
No Excuses --Let the official "Have the Rangers hit rock bottom?" watch begin. They had four days of uninterrupted practice to work on their team chemistry and their moribund special teams. They were facing an 0-6 team reeling from a coaching change. There is no excuse for the Rangers to have falled behind 2-0 early and 5-1 late before a couple of garbage time power play goals made it an unrespectable 5-3 final. ...

Rocha at said:
Panic time? Yes. Well, right on the edge, and I’ll tell you why. They haven’t looked right since the first minute they stepped on the ice in pre-season. They’re not working hard. And now they’re falling into a hole at 2 games under .500. Are they suddenly just going to start playing 60 minute games and find chemistry where previously was none? I think this is going to get worse before it gets better..

Pucks on Broadway said:
The Rangers defense collapsed again and left countless Thrashers in front. Garnet Exelby played a completely dirty game and his hit on Petr Prucha should be reviewed by the league. If fans dare boo Marek Malik again and continue to ignore the ignorance and lax manner of Michal Rozsival and Paul Mara, I may lose it. ...

Hockey Rodent added:
Enough with this arrogance that this roster is somehow entitled to control the puck to victory. It is not happening. And it will not happen as long as the forward line combinations keep churning and chemistry remains nothing more than a wish.

Change your ways, Tom Renney. Convert your strategy from one of fruitless attempts to control the tempo and flow of a game. Admit you cannot achieve that objective at the present time. Begin playing as overachieving underdogs do. They dump and force the other team to skate the puck 190 feet. They lay ambushes and other shrubbery to goad the opposition into making one too-many laterals.

Why can't NYR become that opportunistic team... at least until such time as the lines begin to gel? ...


In an effort to make order out of chaos.

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