Friday, February 29, 2008

Carolina Comets

When coach clueless put Dubinsky and Avery on the same line with Jagr the plan was to invigorate Jags and get him scoring. Well the line has been a huge success and the big reason why the Rangers are now 11-3-2 in their last sixteen. But it's Dubs and 'The Detriment' who are breaking things up and making clueless look like a genius. Dubinsky scored his 13th, Avery his 11th, six in seven games, and Drury with the game winner his 21st and Shanny's clincher was his 21st.

The Rangers roared to a 3-0 lead and saw it close to 3-2. With echoes of Montreal in their heads Shanahan put it away off of a beautiful feed by Dawes who also continues to shine. With Callahan also playing well it remains to be seen where Prucha will play when he is ready. Lundqvist made 26 saves and the two goals that Carolina scored looked stoppable, but why argue with a big win.

The two new guys, Backman and Sjostrum gave mixed reviews. Backman used his stick for the wrong reasons and drew three penalties, so the book is still out on him, and I'm not impressed. Sjostrum on the other hand showed good speed and seems to have the potential to develop into something. We will see. Now it's the Dark Rangers favorite foe, the Flyers, Sunday at MSG and then the Islanders, home and home.


If you haven't looked at it yet the website has some interesting info, for example the Rangers Team Salary Numbers etc.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Is there ever going to be a time when we stop reading about that f-ing Montreal game? Enough already.
    Coach "clueless" seems to have done something right because the Rangers are playing their best hockey this season. Jagr needs to go, hopefully he wont be here next year. He does nothing when the team is losing and hes a pretty happy dude when they are winning. He is NO captain.. prmote Shanny.

  • mike said...

    anonymous-We will probably stop reading about blowing five goal leads when we get another five goal lead and don't blow it.

    Coach clueless is the guy who gives Jagr the 22 plus minutes every night and limits the playing time of the young producers.

    Coach clueless doesn't have the guts to make a Captain change like the coach across the river did.

    Coach clueless is the guy who puts the same perimeter group out for the power play, which is awful, and has lost more games for us.

    Coach clueless.....