Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Jersey Bounce

The Jersey Bounce was a big hit for the Benny Goodman Band in the 1940's. The Rangers are getting a big bounce from New Jersey's Devils in 2007-08. The Rangers have now beaten the Devils five out of five with the Devils getting two points out of a possible ten. Zach Parise says, rightfully so, that the Devils are keeping the Rangers in the playoff hunt. The Rangers, along with the Islanders, are keeping the Devils from running away with the Atlantic Division.

Brandon Dubinsky was again the best player on the ice for the Rangers. He scored the first goal and put six shots on net in 15:44 of ice time. Drury with two PP goals and five shots and Gomez with an assist and four shots also played well. Jagr in 19:20got one shot and Straka in 18:15 got no shots. The game was played in a playoff atmosphere and it probably is a sign of what's to come in the last 28 games. However, the Rangers won their second big game on successive nights and now have won four of five going into Montreal.

Henrik Lundqvist was again brilliant against the Devils. He has allowed five goals in five games against the Devils. The one goal against him was scored by Parise from behind him, which is becoming a trend, but in front of him he was the old Prince. The Devils outshot (34-26), outhit (18-15), and won more faceoffs (25-17) than the Rangers, but when The Prince is on top of his game nothing else matters. Last night Henrik Lundqvist was on top of his game. On to Montreal and the House Of Horrors.

Benny Goodman - Jersey BounceICINGS: Benny Goodman - Jersey Bounce [3:05]

Ella Fitzgerald - Jersey Bounce lyrics:
They call it that Jersey bounce
A rhythm that really counts
The temperature always mounts
Wherever they play, the funny rhythm they play

It started on Journal Square
And somebody heard it there
He put it right on the air
And now you hear it everywhere

Uptown, gave it new licks
Downtown, added some tricks
No town, makes it sound, the same
As where it came from

So if you don’t feel so hot
Go out to some Jersey spot
And whether you’re hep or not
The Jersey bounce’ll make you swing ...

So if you don’t feel so hot
Go out to some Jersey spot
And whether you’re hep or not
The Jersey bounce’ll make you swing

Ounce by ounce
The Jersey Bounce
Puts you right in the swing
That Jersey Bounce
It’ll make you swing

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  • The Dark Ranger said...

    All we need, Pundit, is a little Benny Goodman to put things into perspective.

    Haven't you heard the latest Rangers/Benny Goodman compilation? These days we're all singing Jagr's "Memories of You", Malik's "Goodbye", Brendan Shanahan's "Downhill Special" and Tom Renney's "Wang Wang Blues".

    Thanks again for bringing it all home.

  • mike said...

    You are the greatest. Also Glen Sather's "Why Don't You Do Right" and wrap it up with Dolan's "Sing, Sing, Sing". "Goodbye".