Sunday, February 03, 2008

Le Comeback Kids

Well if the Rangers don't go from here to the top of the pack after this game then forget about it. They aren't going anywhere. They roared back with two big goals by Chris Drury, off of a beautiful feed by Nigel Dawes, and Straka on a deflection of a Paul Mara shot. They played tough, tight and most importantly, disciplined. And Lundqvist after being victimized by his own team was outstanding. The Rangers after falling behind 3-0 totally controlled the game and it has to be the Rangers biggest win of the year. Can we keep up this performance? I say the young 'uns carried the day. Dubinsky, Dawes, Prucha, Staal and Lundqvist were all outstanding and Chris Drury looks like he is going to show us what kind of a player he is. This could be the start of something big.

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  • blueknight5754 said...

    dear rp,

    all i can say about this team in the past week is "GUTS" i saw highlights of the carolina game and i started to see a team that was willing to do the dirty work and that trend continued with hard working wins in philly and jersey then today...they started slow but then woke up after montreal started to push them around...jagr was mugged in the corner and after that the team responded...even when hollweg took that bad penalty (he should have done that to kovalev not someone who had nothing to do with it) the team banded together and lundqvist stood tall and walla a great win! i was truly impressed and your right this could be the start of something big...and if they do make a trade its to get a guy that will clear out the net for the king or a quarterback for the powerplay...i was thinking rob blake...anyway thanks for the space! great rangers win! thoughts?


  • mike said...

    blueknight5754-The greatest win of this year. You're right. Hollweg should have smashed Kovalev.We could use a tough guy on D. Thanks for your comments.

  • Section 335 said...

    Yes, a great game for confidence. My opinion is still the same. This team needs two players. One to clear the net. One to run the power play. With them, the Cup is possible. Without, it isnt.

  • The Dark Ranger said...

    We're talking the Cup now? Eek. Three games in a row has been terrific and hopefully four against the ailing Kings tomorrow night, but...we have been known to lose to losing teams.....badly. Let us not forget the Atlanta game. The Phoenix game. All hurt.

    One thing is true, the games are getting dirty & dark -- and you know how I like 'em?


  • jb said...

    getting a three game winning streak is like reaching an oasis in a desert of futility this season. I will eat the dates and drink the sweet water knowing that the trek continues and that my lips might again become parched and cracked, and my camel skinny during the next fortnight.

  • Section 335 said...

    This team has the talent to reach the finals. No one is that good this year. It will not take that much. Jagr and Shanny have to get healthy. We need to have a defenseman who can clear the front of the net. We need to fix the power play. I am not saying this will happen. I am not suggesting that we should give up our future for a run at the Cup this year either. I am saying that if the Giants can win because of parity, so can we. And yes, I do think that with Renny around the odds are not that good.

  • mike said...

    section 335-Agree with you on the D. Its very obvious when you see the traffic in front of Lundqvist. If Rozsival would shoot the puck more and Mara replace Straka on the point, the PP is fine. As for Jagr and Shanny give more ice time to the kids, Dawes, Dubinsky, Prucha and Callahan and we wouldn't even miss the two All Stars. Coach clueless will always be there to haunt us.

  • mike said...

    the dark ranger-You don't like them, you love them. Cup? Not yet. But respectability, consistency and dedication are now possible and when that happens anything is possible. The coach is another story.

  • mike said...

    jb-Ah you wax poetic. Perhaps by chance there will be many an oasis out there in hockeyland and thou shall thirst no more..

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