Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rangers lose; Knicks win?

I'd rather lose with the Rangers, than win with the Knicks.

This is one more reason you have to prefer hockey over basketball. In the NBA, if you throw a cup of water in a guy's face your coach calls you feisty and nasty. In the NHL they'd laugh you out of the league after your face was rearranged for pulling that stunt.

So the New York Knicks won a game last night, but in their own unique manly style they also had a cat fight. Newsday reported it this way:

Chaos reigns. It seems the only way the Knicks know how to exist. As tomorrow's trade deadline quickly approaches and the players wonder what Isiah Thomas has in store, the frustration of a lost season is apparent.

Yet they won this game, 113-100, over the Wizards in overtime last night at Verizon Center. They did so with a chaotic run down the stretch, erasing a seven-point deficit in the final three minutes and scoring a franchise-record 23 points in the five-minute overtime.

And, with Madison Square Garden president Steve Mills in attendance, during a timeout before the Wizards' final possession of regulation, Zach Randolph and Nate Robinson got into a heated argument on the bench. Randolph dismissed Robinson with a toss of water in his face and Robinson responded by throwing his towel at Randolph.

And coach Isiah Thomas loved it.

"There's a little feistiness and a little nastiness that's happening," he said . . .
Knicks Cat Fight Video - zshare

Here is another famous cat fight video from the 1977 motion picture The Turning Point. Anne Bancroft (as Emma) resentfully throws a drink in the face of Shirley MacLaine (as DeeDee). The action starts at the 5:00 minute mark of this 8:28 video. The Knicks may want to use this as a training aid.

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  • The Dark Ranger said...

    Funny Mike, funny Mike.....NOTHING will make me smile today. Though your comparing NBA players to Anne Bancroft might be the closest thing to funny to break my spell.

    A good try - i give you that.


  • jb said...


    If ever you get down as a Rangers fan all you have to do is look at the pathetic Knicks and you'll automatically perk up. They have been getting slobberknocked for years and it looks like the misery will go on. At least Slats is not sexually harassing the staff and selling popcorn on the side.

  • The Dark Ranger said...

    Jb,..funny. We can only hope for Slats misbehaving, as it will give me something to write about rather than complaining about my beloved team! :)