Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Stinkers

It was Super Tuesday in New York City. The NY Giants had a great parade celebrating their Super Bowl Championship and got the keys to the city. They saved the keys to the toilet for the Rangers who bombed again against another Western Conference team. They are now 0-6-2 against the West. With Anaheim coming in tomorrow night and San Jose on the 17th it's a good bet the Rangers will go winless against the Western Conference.

The highlight of the game was the dropping of the puck by two Giants. It was all downhill after that. The Kings stormed the net with a barrage of shots while the Rangers played rope-a-dope. There was Sam and Joe telling us what a bunch of great young legs the Kings have. Gimmee a break. They had all of 45 points coming into the game, the worst in the entire NHL. The Rangers, despite all comments to the contrary, came out flat. Flat as pancakes. Jason LaBarbara was giving up juicy rebounds all night, but how can you score on rebounds when you are playing a perimeter game?

Sean Avery, despite scoring a goal, played his worst game since becoming a Ranger. Hey, the Rangers are something like 35-16-9 since they got him a year ago from these same Kings. He and Strudwick gave away two goals to the Kings but the rest of the team was useless. No one played well. So what good does it do to beat a Montreal with a furious rally and go into the tank against a bottom feeder? It's games like these over the years that causes one to take with reservations any big Ranger win. So a great mini-road trip against the Flyers, Devils and Canadiens goes poof against a team called the Kings. Don't expect the Rangers to be participating in any parades soon.

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  • Anonymous said...

    what do you think of Avery and Malik fighting in practice.. good or bad?

  • mike said...

    anonymous-Can't hurt. But imagine Malik fighting? Avery was right when he asked him why doesn't he play like that in a game? And when was the last time coach clueless told Malik, "good job, big guy"?