Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Arrogant Stealth GM

First of all my sincere thanks to all for your warm thoughts. It was greatly appreciated. Now on to the business of getting well and arresting Crohn's disease which is suspect in causing my anemia. Thanks to all again.

The first time I met the Stealth GM was in the elevator in MSG on my way, with my wife, to the blue seats. He was on his way to who knows where. I introduced myself and my wife and remarked to her that he had a very difficult job ahead. He replied that in fact the job was easy and got off the elevator. That was a telling moment, now that I relive it. He said the job was easy. The Rangers had missed the playoffs again, for the past six years, and the new GM said the job was easy. It was so easy that it would take him another five years to get the Rangers into the playoffs.

The next time was at the Ranger summer camp in Tarrytown prior to the 2005-06 season, the year after the lockout, with Renney introduced as the new coach. It was a pleasant day and was more like a picnic than anything of hockey substance. Yes, Renney had a staged news conference and was given a bunch of softballs to answer. The one or two toughies from the audience were handled by the Stealth. I said the day was pleasant. I even have a picture of me and the Stealth taken, which has caused more comments from my family especially in light of the latest encounter.

I am still amazed when I think of the encounter. Here I was, an ordinary fan, that is if you consider being a fan for 71 years ordinary and I was screamed out by a GM of an NHL team. Think about it. Joe fan being dissed by a powerful GM. It could have been any fan. It could have been any one of you. Perhaps the sight of an ordinary fan questioning the great man's authority unhinged him. Perhaps my statement that he should fire everyone including himself, inflamed him. It's no wonder he is the least available to the public and press of all the GM's in the area.

Finally, the mainstream drive-by-media is on to him and starting to expose him. How dare a mere mortal question the great god? I will say it one more time Mr. Stealth: "Go back to Edmonton. You don't belong here."

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  • Christopher said...

    Glen is a jerk....i dont think he should have ever yelled/cursed at you, but I mean if you walked into my office and told me I should be fired, I probably wouldnt react very favorably to you...just saying.

  • JL said...

    Wow, you're bitter.

    Really kinda sad.

  • Christopher said...

    btw, welcome back and glad you're feeling better, you were definitely missed!

  • mike said...

    christopher-Good point. However,you would think that a man who has been around a while would handle it better.The key is that he never talks to anyone except the Canada press.

  • mike said...

    JL-Wrong my friend. If I'm bitter its because of what this GM has done to this franchise. Just making the playoffs is not a successful season always.

    What is sad is how this team, that this GM put together,is playing. And it is struggling to make the playoffs which most fans call successful.

  • mike said...

    Christopher-Thanks Chris.

  • Joey TopShelf said...

    Avery - Avery - Avery
    Pundit - Pundit - Pundit
    both are back

  • Scotty Hockey said...

    Glad you are feeling better!

  • blow-me-down said...

    Mike - In reading some Canadian blogs, it is quite interesting to see that pretty well all of these hardcore hockey fans, when they do offer an opinion on Sather (you have to remember it's all Leafs and Habs, pretty much all the time), think of him as being not too good at his job, to say the least.

    I think Sather would actually have a shorter honeymoon in a Canadian city, including Edmonton.

    Good to see you tapping the keys again! Thanks for providing this detail, it confirms what I always thought about him. A legend in his own mind and a rude one at that.

  • mike said...

    Joey TopShelf




  • mike said...

    Scotty Hockey-Thanks Scotty. Always appreciate your comments.

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-Outside of the Absentee Owner it is very difficult to find anyone who thinks the Stealth is good at his job, or even shows up for it.