Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Brotherly Love

It was not a good day for the Rangers today in Philadelphia. It started out okay with Antropov scoring on a breakaway but it slowly evaporated after that. In fact, so did Antropov. Martin Brion, playing perhaps the game of his life, made 39 saves, aided and abetted by the posts and the refs. The refs came in and waved off the tying goal by Gomez that on the replays seem to go in off of his glove and/or stick. It looked like a goal but the review, which usually sides with the refs said no goal. It would have tied the game at 2-2.

This was the game that Tortorella showed absolutely no patience and instead used his version of the old TV show, "What's My Line?" Who knows. I couldn't figure it out. Just about everyone played with everyone. The line of Gomez, Callahan and Avery which played so well against Nashvile was broken up in the first period. Avery did score again, to cut the deficiet to 4-2 but that was with Callahan and Dubinsky. But it was too little too late.

Zherdev returned to good graces and enjoyed increased ice time, had a couple of golden opportunities but no cigar. Naslund continued to get third line time and one wonders where this is all leading to. For some mysterious reason Wade Redden got the most ice time of any of the D-Men and it showed. He was a minus two and woefully out of position on Richard's go ahead goal. In fact, he was near the Flyer goal after making a decision to pinch and he seemed to stay there.

Tomorrow I will return to the scene of "my meeting" and also my first game back since my event. I look forward to a revitalized Ranger unit led by a more patient coach. BTW, Scott Gomez's game has improved since Tortorella has showed up. Is Chris Drury ever going to show up and step up in one of these games?

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  • The Dark Ranger said...

    It hurts doubly for me, know me too well. I'd hate to see a literal doubly after tomorrow's game. Your son and I & our jerseys were not enough to turn the sad events in Philadelphia this afternoon.


  • mike said...

    Hey Dark Ranger, hang in there. I will be making my first appearance since my two 'incidents' at todays game with number two son. Today's game is a must!