Friday, March 27, 2009

Rangers, Tortorella Implode

I don't know what was worse last night, the collapse from 4-1 or John Tortorella's lack of answers and decorum. If the Rangers blew it, and they sure did, Tortorella was no help in trying to explain why. The team's explanation that Atlanta is playing with nothing to lose attitude is bogus. Let's face it, the Rangers have gone from a 2-1 hockey team to a two period hockey team. Maybe it is too short of a time period for a high voltage, up tempo coach to install life into a team that was burdened and bludgeoned to death with a defensive mentality. Maybe.

However, explain why Nikolai Zherdev the one pure sniper on the Rangers did not get a shot in the shootout? Why did they stick with the Girardi-Staal defensive pairing for so long when they were on the ice for all four Atlanta goals? Why, oh why does this power play continue to falter in big situations?

Sure they scored two goals but they had ten opportunities including two five on threes. They should have buried Atlanta instead they spent the whole third period watching Ilya Kovalchuk flying around the rink creating all kinds of havoc, without anyone laying a glove on him. He ended up with a goal and and two assists. Girardi and Staal were both minus four.

Maybe Tortorella and the Rangers will have the answers before stepping on the ice at the Igloo. They better have them because there are no more opponents to play who "have nothing to lose" left. From now to the wire it's Pittsburgh, the Devils, Carolina, Boston, the Canadiens and the Flyers twice. These games will also give the new coach a chance to fine tune his act. After all, it's one thing for a team to disappear after two periods, but for a coach to do that leaves many questions unanswered. One of them may be, is this the right coach for this fragile team? I think so, but who knows, I've been known to be wrong once in awhile.


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  • Section 335 said...

    I could not agree with your comments. Stahl tried to play with his stick instead of his body, and that just did not work last night.

    We would have won with the Prince.

    This one hurt, and I blame the defensive coaching.

  • Section 335 said...

    I meant to say I could not agree MORE.

  • jb said...

    Six shooters and no Z-man?

    Callahan ahead of Zherdev for the shootout was a head scratcher.

    Did Torts have a brain-fart?

  • down by the seaside said...

    Our power play can't get out of the "pass the puck around the perimeter with no movement" mentality that they've learned over the years. No one in the crease, passing up close-in shots and holding the puck too long.

  • Scotty Hockey said...

    What kind of explanation do you want from Torts? He called it as he saw it, why delve further? What do you expect? "Well, Scott Goemz couldn't stickhandle through fourguys, and I don't trust my fourth line at even strength and, frankly, I think Wade Redden is the greatest thing since sliced bread." They sucked, 'nuff said. Game over, get ready for Pittsburgh.

  • mike said...

    section 335-I knew what you meant. You were right about the Prince.

  • mike said...

    jb-Something happened with the Z-Man that we are not privvy to.

  • mike said...

    down by the seaside-They are probably thumping their chests because they were 2-10.

  • mike said...

    Scotty Hockey-Contrare Scotty. We, the fans, deserved to know why no Z-Man in the shootout; why so little ice time for Avery: why so much ice time for nauseam.

  • jb said...

    I think the majority of fans want a straight answer on why Redden is given so much ice time. Especially on the power play where he is pretty much a worthless tumor.

    Tort's saying they "sucked" is ten times better than Renney's double talk, but it just describes a symptom, not the disease. And the PP has been diseased for ages.

  • jb said...

    I saw Ranger Rants had this 'talk' from Tortorella now posted.

    - Tortorella would not disclose what he told his team this morning. He did say, "I always express myself to the team every day."

    - He said he had his reasons for not using Nikolai Zherdev in the shootout but "it'll stay with me. The guys we went with we'd go with again." Tortorella also disputed Zherdev was under-used down the stretch, though he only played about five minutes through the third period and overtime.

    If perchance Torts now ever decides to use Nikki Z. on a shootout and he scores, he will be inviting massive second-guessing. So will his ego now prevent him from putting Z in because it might make him look bad? Interesting box he's putting himself into.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Where is the give and take? Tortorella cannot just alienate reporters and expect respect back.
    I'm disappointed in him. It's fine to rag on your team but you are supposed to be professional in representing your organization.
    No relation to how down and dirty, how passionate you get with your players.
    That's off-camera.

    For Zherdev to not shoot in the shootout makes no sense. That is not an opinion...that is a FACT.

    If they don't play a real game tomorrow, then they fail a real test. Get to the playoffs I guess, but if they don't compete against Pittsburgh on Saturday...what would be expected from that point on?