Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stealthy Sather Goes All-In, Looking for an Inside Straight

Rangers acquire Nik Antropov and Derek MorrisRangers acquire Nik Antropov and Derek Morris

A big news day in Rangerland with ripples that will be felt for a long time. Say it ain't so. Petr Prucha has been traded.

Here are the transactions, subtractions, reactions and coming attractions.

The NY Rangers PR machine:

  • Rangers add power in a hurry at deadline -- Antropov, Morris should play key roles in drive to postseason

    With the additions of Nik Antropov and Derek Morris just before the NHL’s trading deadline on Wednesday, as well as the acquisition of Sean Avery on Tuesday, Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather believes that the Blueshirts are now better equipped to secure a playoff spot and make a run in the postseason than they were even just a couple of days ago.

    “I wanted to get some scoring, some size, some grit, and some speed; and I think we’ve done that,” stated Sather. “We’ll just see how the cards play out here in the future.”

  • Rangers obtain Morris from Coyotes -- Defenseman comes to New York in exchange for Dawes, Kalinin and Prucha...

  • Rangers get Antropov in deal with Toronto -- Blueshirts send draft picks to Maple Leafs for 6-foot-6 forward. . . the club has acquired forward Nik Antropov from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for a second round draft pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft and a conditional draft pick...

  • Avery delighted to be back with Rangers -- Except for a lost bet with goaltender Henrik Lundqvist at the end of practice, Sean Avery’s first day back on the ice with the Rangers was a rousing success on Wednesday morning.

    With most of the players already having exited the ice, Avery challenged Lundqvist to a shootout, with a side bet to spice up the one-on-one. If Avery scored at least twice on his five shots, then Lundqvist would owe Avery dinner on the next road trip. If Lundqvist limited Avery to one goal or less, then Avery would pick up the check...

  • Avery could provide spark down stretch -- “Glen (Sather) believes in giving second chances,” said Rangers head coach John Tortorella. “Sean was an effective player here before. And this is about trying to make the team better. Sean Avery is a player coming to the New York Rangers organization, and we want him to fit in and play under a team concept. If he does that, we feel he can be effective.” ...
Rick Carpiniello / Rangers Report:
So what happened? --
Here’s what I think about the Rangers’ trade deadline day:

In simple terms, they got better for this year, didn’t give up much of the future, and as long as they don’t re-sign either Nik Antropov or Derek Morris, they will have a little more salary cap space this summer for signing Dubinsky, Callahan, Mara and whomever else they really want to keep...
Steve Zipay / Blue Notes:
The Sather Files --
"What we were really trying to do was get some scoring, size, grit and and speed. I think we did that. We'll see how the cards play out in the future. (John Tortorella) likes them. He thinks we've helped our team immensely."

"Antropov is a big winger, center-ice man. He'll help us in the goal scoring department. Morris is a good, solid defenseman, he'll give us a little more bite in the back end. He can play a little bit of everything, offense, defense." ...
Slap Shot / New York Times
A 6-Year-Old Reacts to the Rangers’ Big Trade --
A Times colleague writes:
My 6-year-old’s favorite players are Lundqvist, Prucha and Dawes. When he got home I was curious what his reaction to the NYR/PHX trade would be. Tears? Rage? He asked why they were traded and I explained how the Rangers got a pretty good defenseman in Morris. His response: “At least they got rid of Kalinin.”
Scotty Hockey:
Well, That Wasn't Fun ... --
And I am not talking about my doctor's appointment. That went alright - I'll be fine - but I emerged from the office to find out about Glen Sather's continuing quest to cover his own rear end.

Ranger fans called for help on defense so Sather went out and got Derek Morris. John Tortorella called for size up front so Sather went out and got Nik Antropov.

So now, no matter how poorly the Rangers fare, Sather can certainly say he did his job. Unfortunately, he didn't do it very well...
The Dark Ranger:
Breaking (My Heart) News -- Taking Lady Liberty a Little Too Literally --
Apparently, GM Glen Sather recently took one of those Circle Line tours to the Statue of Liberty where he misconstrued Lady Liberty's welcome to immigrants by deciding to welcome the outcasts and underachievers of other teams to MSG's shores in favor of expelling players that actually played like they enjoyed wearing the Rangers' sweater...
Jess Rubenstein / Prospect Park:
Cmon It Is Sather --
...the Sather Karma tells you that higher paid players tend to fail in the Sather reign of error. We are supposed to accept that giving up 3 players and 1 sure (possibly a second) draft pick is the way to fix the flaws in the Ranger roster...

Once again The Sather does not think that Ranger fans have a brain, and can not think for themselves. Then again The Sather really does not care what you the Ranger fan thinks anway; just shut up and give him your money has been his attitude...
Marc /
Rangers trade Prucha, Dawes, and Kalinin for D-man Derek Morris --
The move is a clear salary dump for the struggling Phoenix franchise. Kalinin is a UFA at the end of the season, so his expiring contract is actually an asset for the Coyotes. Prucha and Dawes are RFA’s, so that’s even better for Phoenix.
The Manic Ranger:
Glen Sather S***s The Bed And Acquires Derek Morris For Petr Prucha, Nigel Dawes and Dimitri Kalinen --
My initial reaction to this trade was uncontrollable anger and absolute bewilderment. Why does Glen Sather have a love affair with past their prime defensemen. Everyone knew that Derek Morris was a real possibility, especially because Sather has a tendency for dealing with his old buddies (Don Maloney is the 'Yotes GM). I'm not a big fan of Morris and Sather absolutely did not need to add him. Again he's acting as though this team is suddenly going to make a march on Lord Stanley's Cup...
J. Ragus / Ranger Nation:
Rangers acquire Antropov, Morris --
How did the Rangers do? Not too bad if you ask me although I am heart broken to see a player leave that I wish could have stayed...

Take care Prucha, you will be missed by the fans.

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  • Section 335 said...

    Just thought I would add a little known fact to this blog.

    The highest individual scoring total against the Penguins this season:

    Nik Antropov, Maple Leafs 4games 4goals 4assists 8points

  • blow-me-down said...

    I don't know quite enough about Antropov, but he does have decent hands and skill. And oh boy, if he is not big enough to get in front of the net and cause problems, then nobody is.