Thursday, October 08, 2009

Things in My Crease — 10/8/09

Sean Avery gets more notice for not playing, than most players get for playing.

NY Post:
Rangers await Avery's return --
Come Sunday, John Tortorella will find himself in an envious situation.That's when he'll have to find someone on his roster to sit in favor of Sean Avery, who has set the home matinee against the Ducks as his anticipated return from a preseason knee sprain.But tonight in Washington, the Rangers will have to go without him -- which, three games into the season, has gone just fine.
Is Nikolai Zherdev, now of the KHL (Atlant Moscow Oblast), still owned by a bunch of NHL fantasy teams? Pay attention!
Even superstars get knocked on their keister.

Sid Crosby gets knocked down
NY Times:
N.H.L. Scores: Bankrupt Coyotes Shock the Champions --
Only two games on Wednesday, led by a clash of the high and the low — the glamorous Cup champion Penguins vs. the bankrupt, unfancied Coyotes. And what a surprising result it was. Home teams listed first:

Pittsburgh 0-3 Phoenix. A 24-save shutout for Ilya Bryzgalov as the lowly Desert Dogs rise to a perfect 3-0 start. “There’s no real excuse for it, we weren’t good at all, but we’ve got to move on,” says a shocked Sidney Crosby. Summary
Hockey Fights:
Rick Rypien Needs No Slingshot --
Rick Rypien had to reach up - way up - when he took on Hal Gill last night. With an eight-inch difference in height it’d probably be expected for Rypien to just want to survive, but he was on the offensive for a good portion of the fight. Rypien handled himself more than well, landing a few good shots with a little bit of bounce and magic...

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