Friday, October 09, 2009

Resilient Rangers Survive 3rd Period Lapses

Marian Gaborik #10 of the New York Rangers handles the puck against the Washington Capitals

Marian Gaborik scores two third period goals to lift Rangers over Caps, 4-3

Rolling four lines in the fourth period sounds like a good idea in theory, but the Rangers fourth line executed that theory (and almost the game) on the altar of stupid penalties (Voros & Brashear). So Gabby's two goals were like a solar eclipse that silenced the natives as they were screaming for the mighty Ovie to plunge his dagger into the chest of the prostrate visitors, for an Apocalypto sacrifice. But there was no ripping out the still beating Ranger heart, no severing of the head, and pitching it down the temple steps to be caught in a DC bureaucratic bailout basket. Instead the Broadway visitors jumped up, slapped the mighty high-scoring priests of D.C., and ran off into the jungle, to return home with two freshly picked points. Tasty fruit indeed, because it was snatched off the table of the mighty Ovie.

The Prince's stick sword, was another theory that almost executed the good guys. Redirecting to the corner, good idea, until the Prince's mis-guided stick almost skewered the team in the loin. Lundqvist should just keep using his head/helmet to redirect all shots. All the better to help him keep his eye focused on the puck. Good to hear Lundqvist acknowledge that he owes Gaborik a "nice" dinner for those two third period goals. Goats don't usually get off the altar for free.

Callahan, as usual, was a warrior. What was that talk that he might not play?

Best stat of the night: Total ice time: Del Zotto (14:05), Rozsival (8:22). This is the message we've been waiting to get sent. Torts to Michael "Big Contract" Rozsival: keep your weak stuff on the bench. I'm going to let the kid play.

The Resilient Rangers round-up:

Rangers Rants:
Rangers 4, Capitals 3: Postgame wrapup --
Lundqvist had absolutely no explanation for the 90-foot softie he allowed to Nicklas Backstrom.

Coach John Tortorella was thrilled that was not the story of the game.

“Hank’s been bailing us out of some messes along the way here for a while,” Tortorella said. “I’m glad the team hung in there and helped him out, it was good to see...
Stan Fischler / MSG:
'R' as in Rangers Resiliency --
Deflating Alex Ovechkin, Inc. is encouraging enough but it's the combination of goal-scoring when it counts, goaltending to preserve a lead and a machine that is moving into a higher gear as the anticipated Sean Avery return looms on Sunday afternoon at the Garden with the Anaheim Ducks waddling into Manhattan...
Steve Zipay / Newsday:
Gaborik's two goals give Rangers 4-3 win over Capitals --
This was the type of game the Rangers would have lost last season, and maybe the one before that. Give up a fluke goal to erase a one-goal lead. Allow a power-play goal to give the opponent the lead.

Two points flushed away.

Introducing Marian Gaborik: Difference-maker...
Steve Zipay / Blue Notes:
Midnight Wrapup: Rozsival, Gaborik, Lundqvist, stats --
Drury: "We're growing some guts and battling through things on the road. Tehre was a tricky bounce and it's tied up....We just stuck with it and battled back. All we talked about during the day was stay out of the box. We certainly didn't do that, but our penalty kill hung in there (8 for 9). We really gutted it out."
Chris Kotsopoulos / Kotsy's Corner:
This Team is Different! --
That’s the difference that I see so far with this Rangers squad. They do not sit back and lay down like dogs. They kept the pressure on the Caps and just continued to play their game. As a result, they were victorious in the hostile Washington arena. I saw a team tonight that cared for each other out there. They bailed out their star goalie by making sure the Voros penalty’s PP goal would not be the lasting impression of the night. That’s what the word “team” means and this win proves that. This Rangers squad is different in more ways than one. You have to like what you see so far! Over and out!
Notes: The Ranger Pundit, Mike Savino, goes into surgery today for a triple by-pass. Get well soon Mike, your Blueshirts are looking pretty good.

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  • Anonymous said...

    It's like Torts sauntered casually over to Gabs and whispered, "can you fix up this sh1tting the bed we just did, I mean, would'ya mind? I'll owe you"

    "Sure, no probs, coach"

  • jb said...

    It was like, "here we go again" after the Lundqvist & Voros soiled themselves and the team. But Gabs emerged from the phone booth. It's been awhile. I bet we see a few number 10's around the Garden soon. And that was Ron Duguay's number. So it must have some mullet mojo.

  • Scotty Hockey said...

    Best wishes Mike!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous said...

    We're all thinking of you Mike!!

  • jb said...

    Thanks Scotty & b-m-d. Mike will be checking back in to catch up as soon as they unplug him.

  • Anonymous said...

    This just in from pundits family: pundit is in recovery. Doctor said he'll soon be giving everyone his 70+ years' perspective on our heroes' good start. Thanks for all the positive energy!

  • wes said...

    This team is good medicine for long suffering Rangers fans. Get well,

  • Scotty Hockey said...

    Great news! Hopefully the boys win back-to-backs for him to buoy his recovery!

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