Friday, March 05, 2010

Henrick Steals A Point

If you didn't know better last night you would have thought you were in a shooting gallery or the Rangers were going through a defensive drill to see how many shots they could possibly take before their goalie was to collapse. Well, Henrik Lundqvist, made 50 saves last night and stole a point for the Rangers who played half a game. They got all of 12 shots on goal and scored four times against Marc-Andre Fleury and when Brent Johnson came in about halfway through the second period they got all of four shots on goal and only one in the third period where they were outshot 19-1. Yet, we got a point. Rather Lundqvist got a point.

Lundqvist proved he is more than a great goaltender, he is a great leader. He went after Crosby after Syd the Kid was "leveled" by a "crosscheck" from Marc Staal. He chided the great one for overacting on the hit. I now know why my buddy, Scotty Hockey, calls him Cindy. C'mon Kid, you may be a great player but you are doing a lousy imitation of Mario Lemieux. To quote Vinnie Prospal, "Wayne Gretzky has been retired for some time, so everybody's hittable."

So the Rangers continue their kamikaze run with the Caps, Sabres and Devils coming up and the question is will Lundqvist survive. The team looked dead tired in the third period as they were playing "rope -a- dope". What wonders what the coach was thinking by keeping the fourth line glued to the bench in the third period. Maybe in a couple of shifts they might have slowed the Pens down but we will never know. With this coach we will never know a lot of things. We have gone from clueless to brainless.


An excellent deconstruction of Dolan's destruction of Newsday. Professional journalism gets flushed. The Dolan touch is toxic.

Dolan and Cablevision Destroying NewsdayTwarowski & Nelson /
How Cablevision Is Destroying Newsday -- The Dolans are tearing apart the Long Island news institution...

[former Newsday Editor in Chief] John Mancini and two top editors were fired due to the fury of Cablevision’s owners following the paper’s coverage of a sexual harassment suit filed against New York Knicks center Eddy Curry...

[Jaci] Clement, who is also a former Newsday editor, tells the Press that since Cablevision’s purchase of the paper for $650 million in 2008 . . . . Newsday has been reduced to little more than a marketing vehicle for its owners...
related: Special "limited edition" James Dolan urinal at the NHL's New York City headquarters. Newday staffers might be interested.

NHL Headquarters: Executive Washroom sports custom James Dolan  Urinals

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  • Down by the Seaside said...

    I'd like to know why we've traded for all these so-called tough guys and it's our goalie who has to set the tone.

  • blow-me-down said...

    All I know is I hope they make the playoffs, though I don't really think they will.
    If they miss the playoffs, it will not be by much, they will be maybe one or two positions higher in the draft. Big deal, doesn't matter.
    I wouldn't mind them meeting the Pengies, and putting them through a tough first round. I'd love to see that, and let's face it, NYR is not going to finish with the dregs like the Leafs.

    Not sure why the Rangers were so...nothin' after the first period.
    Weird. Very weird, how they turned into nothin'.
    Except for Henrik.
    Once again.

  • mike said...

    Down by the Seaside-It goes back to Giacomin. Its in the genes.

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-They turned into nothing because they are nothing. With the exception of Lundqvist no one seems to undestand its a sixty minute game.