Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fashionista Avery is Jealous

Sean Avery will be hot after hearing this news. Lundqvist is treading on his fashion turf.

Henrik Lundqvist Hockey Goalie God Blog:
Henrik Designs New Rangers Jerseys for 2010 -- Henrik Lundqvist will design the much anticipated third jersey for the New York Rangers 2010 season.

New York, NY -- The New York Rangers are proud to announce that the third jersey of the 2010 hockey season will be designed by Henrik Lundqvist with Tiger of Sweden producing the jersey uniform.

"I am very excited. I have always wanted a much more stylish uniform and together with my favorite brand, Tiger of Sweden, the Rangers will be the best dressed players on the ice." says Henrik Lundqvist starting goalie for the New York Rangers. Henrik Lundqvist is well known for his fashion sense and has been voted Best Dressed Male in Sweden and has made People's list of 100 Beautiful People.

The New York Rangers third jersey will be more than a jersey, as the entire hockey kit is being redesigned for a more stylish and sleek look. The bulky pads will be replaced by kevlar which conforms to the body for a thinner look...


Christine of the Henrik Lundqvist Hockey Goalie God Blog has really become an expert on all things Lundqvist. Her article "Stalker's Guide to Henrik Lundqvist" sets a standard for Lundqvist worship.

Scotty Hockey compares NJ vs. NYR playoff ticket plans: It's class vs. crass.

Who knew that Brendan Shanahan, who now works for the NHL, is a Lost geek. He has taken 6 years to come up with a pretty good theory on how the TV series Lost will end. He has laid out his thesis on Twitter:
I think I know how the show will end. I have a decent theory. They will finish with the "flash sideways". Only Hurley will stay (after defeating Locke). He'll become new Jacob. He'll travel to flash sideways to put together Jack and Kate. Sawyer and blonde girl. Heroine addict and crazy blonde gal etc. Everyone comes back to life because there was no crash. Sayeed with his girl. Even Echo. Hurley will be ALL knowing and put all to peace. Hurley is the only one on the island without sin. He's never done anything wrong and has NO reason to go back. Just my own personal idea. Yes, Lost geek.

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