Friday, April 02, 2010

Fischler The Homer

Down By The Seaside has informed me that on the Steve Sommers radio show last night, in an interview with Stan Fischler, Fischler predicted that if the Rangers made the playoffs they would eliminate the Caps in the first round. The reason? Washington has a weak defense and weak goaltending. Hello! The Rangers defense is a soft, swisscheese defense. The only thing we have is a goalie.

Did Fischler forget that the Rangers had the Caps down 3-1 and couldn't close the deal last year? Its one thing being a diehard Ranger fan, like most of the Pundit's readers, but its another thing to be delusional. That's Fischler, delusional. However, with Fischler and his ilk at MSG its more than that. It's homerism. Every Ranger gaffe is minimized. Every ordinary play borders from good to outstanding.

After all, no one at MSG wants to follow Marv Albert. You remember Albert, don't you? He was the Knick TV broadcaster until one night he had the audacity to blast the Knicks for their lackluster performance. That was it for Albert and he was fired. If you can't say anything good about the team don't say anything. Don't believe me? Have you seen John Tortorella'a news conferences lately. Regulary he refuses to answer one or two questions a night. The conference usually opens with one or two meatballs from Sam Rosen and the great Tortorella refuses to acknowledge the questions or the presense of NY Post Ranger beat writer Larry Brooks.

So keep the smoke coming Stan and Sam. Unfortunately the fans can smell an inferior product when they see one. But I was disappointed in Fischler. He only predicted the win over the Caps in the first round. Why not the Stanley Cup? He's done that before. He picked the Rangers to win it all a few years back. The Rangers were eliminated in the first round.

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  • Kid Dynamite said...

    Everyone kisses the players and coaches asses at MSG since they need these guys to work with them on other TV projects, interviews, & pr. They dance around all the hard topics, like why this team sucks. Same deal with the Knicks.

  • mike said...

    Kid Dynamite-Right on target. Too much time spent on the fluff. Charities are ok but management owes its allegiance to the fans and they are screwing us.

  • Anonymous said...

    Obviously The Maven is a homer (as are practically everyone on MSG payroll) but.... I was more suprised last season that we were able to get a 3-1 lead against the Caps rather than us blowing it. The games we won were 4-3 (against an awful Jose T.), 1-0, and 2-1. Once the Caps got their scoring touch, the series was over. Yes, this years team is still offensivly challenged, but with a true threat like Gaborik, and other players finally starting to find their scoring touch, I'd give us a fighting chance against the Caps (or Pens, or Fatso and the Devs)

  • mike said...

    Anonymous-Against Fatso we would have a chance. Against the others, two chances, none and fat.