Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reverting To Form

There are a lot of hockey games during the season. Some think too many. There are good games and bad games. Last night was a bad game. A very bad game for the Rangers. This early in the season is not a good feeling. After three straight good games and wins the Rangers reverted to form.

They gave up six goals for the second time this early season. Their defense was sieve like. Their goalie let them down and they suffered two injuries, one minor, Rozsival, knee, and one major, Anisimov, ankle. Having Gaborik out, the loss of Anisimov would be devastating. However, the play of the Rangers last night was devastating.

They came out of the gate with a quick goal, Callahan from Anisimov at the 38 second mark. I guess they were congratulating each other for they quickly fell behind. Though they tied it at two on Avery's wraparound, they allowed Atlanta to score three unanswered goals and that basically was the game.

Its too early to get panicky over early season losses. But when old habits show up this early there should be cause for concern. The Rangers were clearly outplayed by a young Atlanta team and that should be a big cause for concern. Let's see how bad Anisimov's injury is, for that will be a huge cause for concern. Old habits die hard.


Tortorella postgame remarks:

Will Wade Redden's presence in Hartford help the Wolfpack Connecticut Whale's young defensemen?

Bruce Berlet / SportsPageMagazine:
Redden Helps Steady Pack --
Rookie defenseman Jyri Niemi said he can’t believe his good fortune to be paired with the man whom he followed closely while growing up in Hameenkyro , Finland .

“It has been amazing, just great,” said the 20-year-old Niemi, who played alongside Redden the last three games after rookie Tomas Kundratek manned the position the first two games. “I never could have dreamt playing with Wade. I grew up watching him play in the NHL and the World Cup against the Finns. Now I’m sitting next to him in the same locker room and getting to play with him. He has always just stood out, and it’s just an honor to play with him.”

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  • blow-me-down said...

    I missed this game, but in a way, I didn't miss it.
    Actually, I've seen the exact same game; it was just a different opponent on a different date.

    My hope is that they can regroup, but the injuries suffered sound devestating, surely in the short term and possibly in the long term.

    Us Ranger fans are not used to the roulette wheel of player injury, at least not the way other teams have experienced it.

    I wonder what we will see against the 'Canes.

    Go Rangers!!

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-You didn't miss a thing.

    Flip a coin. Heads the Rangers show up; tails, they mail it in.