Monday, October 11, 2010

Collapse At The Coliseum

I didn't catch much of the game but I saw the collapse. The Rangers took two stupid, referee assisted penalties which resulted in two Islander power play goals that led to a Ranger defeat at the hands of the Islanders, 5-4. What I saw was more of the same from last year. Helter skelter hockey, line changes and bad defense.

Most pundits are predicting the Rangers anywhere from sixth to twelfth. I don't see the playoffs for this team as it is constructed. However, I could be wrong. It won't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. But struggling and losing to the Islanders is not a way to install confidence that this team has what it takes to fight their way to a playoff spot.

I know its early but the bad signs are there already.


Tortorella Postgame remarks:

Steve Zipay / Twitter:
Sean Avery on non-call on Wisniewski obscene gesture: "They (the NHL) won't do anything. Imagine if I did that? They'd send me to rehab."

Adam Gretz / NHL Fanhouse:
James Wisniewski Makes Obscene Gesture Toward Sean Avery -- Yup. So that happened. How the NHL deals with this is certainly going to be interesting. If a sex joke is worthy of six games, what will the result of this be?

UPDATE: Our Chris Botta is at Monday's game and passes along the following video of Bettman talking about the incident. In short: He didn't see it.

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving! Canada

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