Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wisniewski Suspended 2 Games for A-very Obscene Gesture

The Isles' James Wisniewski lost his poise and did not stay classy. Sean Avery on the other hand is probably now in his happy place. The NHL suspended Wisnewski for two games for his obscene gesture towards Avery during the first period of Monday's game. Call it a small justice.

The Islanders, of course, would like to forget the whole incident. In fact, they attempt to whitewash the entire affair. Their website in announcing Wisnewski's two game suspension does not use the term "obscene gesture." Instead the Islanders vaguely report the suspension is a result of Wisnewski's "actions" due to an "altercation" with the Rangers. The Islanders decide to go with some Washington-style politically correct double talk.

Wisnewski Suspended for Two Games -- Defenseman receives two game suspension for actions in Monday’s victory over the New York Rangers... for his actions involving an altercation...

TSN.com fully reports the story:
Isles' Wisnewski Suspended Two Games For Obscene Gesture -- New York Islanders defenceman James Wisniewski has been suspended two games for making an obscene gesture during Monday's game against the New York Rangers.

In the first period of action, Wisniewski and Avery had a verbal exchange and shoved each other in front of the Isles' net. Wisniewski then made the lewd gesture in the direction of the Rangers' agitator.

"A lot of actions on the ice are regrettable," Wisniewski said in a statement. "I've been given a suspension from the league, and I'm going to accept it and move on from here." ...

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Toronto Sun:
Flames burn Wisniewski for gesture

In another related story, Mike Milbury, injects himself into the Wisnewski incident with gusto as he uses it as an opportunity to rip into the 'innocent' Sean Avery.

CBC Sports:
Avery no saint in latest incident: Milbury -- Mike Milbury is tired of Sean Avery.

In fact, the Hockey Night in Canada commentator would love to see the New York Rangers' agitator hang up his skates — and soon.

Avery continues to draw that type of harsh response, even when he's on the receiving end of an obscene gesture...

"Here we are we're talking about Avery again, not because he made a great backhanded pass to set up the game-winning goal, but because he's part of another unsavoury incident. It's like watching a car wreck. You know it's not going to be pretty but you can't seem to turn away from it until you've had a look." ...

Milbury wasn't amused when he learned of Avery's plea of innocence.

"Woe is me. I mean, I have no time for it and I've got no time for him. It's too bad that Wisniewski lost his composure and let Avery get to him. If you send a message to everyone in the league, it would be just to ignore him and make him go away sometime, and the sooner the better because it's no fun anymore...
Interesting, that the Car Wreck Coach/GM/player, Milbury, calls Sean Avery a "Car Wreck". Hypocrisy in action. Someone should beat Milbury with a shoe for taking a lazy, cheap shot at Avery. Oh wait a second, that's Milbury's act. Attacking someone with a shoe in the stands is assault, a felony. So we have a ex-player who behaved like a felon, telling our "Grate One" agitator to get out of the game. After you Mike.

On Dec. 23, 1979 Milbury in a game against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden followed his teammates into the stands for a brawl and ended up with a shoe in hand. He used the shoe to beat a Rangers fan.

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  • blow-me-down said...

    Most half-way intelligent folks head to the kitchen to fix a snack when Milbury starts talking.

    He is such a Tier D kind of guy. A terrible presence on any kind of airwaves.

  • jb said...

    Milbury is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed. He has some ax to grind with Avery.

    I love this photo of Milbury standing ankle deep in sewage after the sewer pipes burst at the Islanders dressing room at the Nassau Coliseum a few years ago. I bet it still stinks there.

  • blow-me-down said...

    jb - that is priceless. That is how I would like to see Milbury represented. He never really reveals something that you did not know, he just keeps pounding like a guy hitting someone with a shoe...wait a minute..

    He is quite unprofessional, he just keeps proving it.