Friday, February 04, 2011

Lemaire Traps Rangers

So coach disagreeable blames Henrik Lundqvist for the loss last night. In fact the 'personable' coach blames him for the last three losses. No blame to the team for its first two period performance. No blame to Gaborik for not scoring or stepping up his game. No blame to Del Zotto, who continues to play like he is in the Pee Wee league, sorry Nicholas.

No blame to the offense, which was 'offensive', twelve shots in the first two periods and one for six on the power play. The power play could have turned the game around, but how can you do that when Zuccarello and Del Zotto are manning the points. It wasn't opera night at the Garden it was a hockey game.

Now I love Zuccarello, but not at the point on the power play. The power play sucks. Dan Girardi's wristers are not going to do it. You need bombs from the point, not wristers. Del Zotto? He must have relatives in the organization. How else to explain the amount of ice time he continues to get. Someone please tell me what I am missing in his game. Is this our punishment for getting rid of Malik?

Remember when a couple of posts ago I warned, "The good news is that some of the walking wounded will be back." "The bad news is that some of the walking wounded will be back." The Rangers have now lost two straight, and face a tough three game road trip, since the 'stars' are back and the kids are being shipped back to never, never land.

The coach who likes to claim he is honest and forthright fails to blame the number one culprit for last nights loss. Himself. Lemaire cleaned his clock. It was no contest. The Rangers are now .500 at home. Darn it Lundqvist. Get your act together. You are killing us and our Hall Of Fame coach.

Tortorella post-game comments:
“Let’s call a spade a spade. Our goaltending hasn’t been there, and certainly not at the level it needs to be this time of year... So I think the Florida game we did everything, but win it. And the last game, there too, prior to this one, we played well enough to win…

Our goaltending just hasn't been good enough... We get five out of the six points if it's just decent goaltending.”

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