Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wipeout At The Capital

Probably the last time Washington saw anything like this is when the British burned the Capital during the War of 1812. I can't figure whether the Rangers are getting better or are the Caps going into the tank? The Rangers even went 2-4 on the power play and zipped the Washington power play to an 0-5. Yes, Ovechkin was playing for the Caps and Christensen was playing for the Rangers.

How do you figure? No Gaborik. No problem. The Rangers scored six goals. No Staal. No problem. The Rangers allowed no goals. Ryan McDonagh played along side Dan Girardi and it was seamless. The kid is good. The kid is ready. Speaking of kids, Michael Sauer is a rock.

Speaking of rocks, Lundqvist was great. Not too many difficult saves, but he did make 35 and racked up his 8th shutout of the year. He is now 25-20-4 on the year and will soon pass the Gumper on the all time goalie win list. When that happens I will toast one for the Gumper.

For the first time in almost two months the Rangers gained two points on the Devils who lost to Tampa Bay last night 2-1. Tampa is rolling right now, with 76 points, in second place, seven points behind the Flyers. The Rangers are in 7th, one point behind Montreal and three ahead of Carolina. The Rangers play Tampa Bay Sunday afternoon at the Garden and will have their hands full trying to stop Stamkos and St. Louis.

With 19 games to go this will be a big one for the Blueshirts. We will see if the Cap win was an aberration or the start of a run. The Garden should be rockin'. It will depend on our rocks. Lundqvist and the twin towers of defense, Ryan McDonagh and Michael Sauer. Isn't it a shame that youth has to be wasted on the young!

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