Thursday, April 21, 2011

Epic Collapse: Capitals 4, Rangers 3 (2OT)

Rangerland is in utter devastation this morning. The pain and agony of a bitter defeat casts a gloomy pall over every action and thought today. I must be in the first circle of hell. In this circle of hell there is a smiling Bruce Boudreau sitting next to me, enjoying himself as I am forced to listen to his color commentary as we watch the game highlights. "Boo-dreau, Boo-dreau, Boo-dreau," he mockingly chants and then chuckles as we listen to the replay of the MSG crowd chanting his name. "They love me, they really, really love me," he cackles as spittle flies off his mouth in my general direction. And it just gets worse from there...

Capitals coach, Bruce Boudreau, relaxes as he watches the highlights of his Caps 4-3 double overtime comeback win over the New York Rangers.
Sadly our heroes were not heroic, but human. They failed to protect a 3rd period lead for the first time all year. The Blueshirts gave up three third period goals to let Boudreau's boys back into the contest. After that you knew something wicked this way comes.

The Rangers now have the fifth-largest blown lead in the Stanley Cup record book. The dreaded "choke" word has to be dusted off and brought out. The Rangers choked last night. It hurts to use that word with this tough and hard working team. But, yes they choked. Anyway, so how was the play Mrs. Lincoln? The play, especially the second act was great, it was the third act and second encore that stunk.

Redemption is now climbing a three game mountain that seems as tall as the Himalayas. Tortorella says they can't look at the mountain, only at taking one step at a time. It's hard to have faith that they can win three straight against this very talented Caps team. I'll just watch and hope our heroes can rise yet again and be heroic.

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  • Luke said...

    Not much to say really is there... It was grim viewing from the 2nd intermission onwards. No matter what time of the night you had to sit through it.

    Wait, I take that back. At some point in the 1st OT Hank pulled off a stunning save against an all alone Ovie. That was pure class.

    Will be interesting to see how we regroup. Remember the 7.7 second loss in Buffalo that we never regrouped from? Hopefully these Rangers know how to put such a bitter loss in the past.


  • blow-me-down said...

    The photo should have been taken 60 seconds later when there was only one slice left.

    I'm still scratching my head over Wednesday night. It just shows how you cannot make those mental mistakes against a team like the Capitals.

    I think NYR goes into Washington and returns down one game.