Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Epic Comeback! Rangers 5, Boston 3

What a great game! A biblical comeback from three goals down to beat the Boston Bruins 5-3. It doesn't get any better than that. Praise the Lord, he must have had a hand in this. Three goals in less than three minutes to send the Bruins home, a wounded Goliath struck down by the Blueshirted Davids of Broadway.

Don't forget that blocked shots (BS) are the key tell for this team. The Rangers had 18 blocked shots (BS) against the Bruins. A win is virtually guaranteed when the Rangers BS number gets up to that 18-20 level. Eleven different Rangers had blocks. Sauer had the most with 5 BS. Girardi added 3 BS. Even 36-year-old Vinny Prospal, the oldest man on the team, got into the BS action with 1 BS. When Vinny Prospal is taking one for the team, plus kicking in a couple of goals you have got to be impressed.

After the game Vinny was still a little bewildered by the Garden's lack of faith:

“Just an hour and a half ago, they booed us! It’s great that they cheer, but holy smokes, give us the help when we’re down, you know? Nothing against them! (Laughs) It’s easy to say right now, because there are times when they have the right to express their opinion, but we’re fighting for big points right now, and this is karma.”
Vinny please forgive them. There are just a bunch of Nervous Nellies at the Garden. We never doubted you and the team for one minute. I swear. Now just keep doing what you did in the 3rd period.


Jesse Spector / NY Daily News:
New York Rangers roar back, Vinny Prospal ignites 5-3 comeback win over Boston Bruins at Garden

Andrew Gross / The Record:
Rangers score three times in third to best Bruins

Larry Brooks/ NY Post:
View to Thrill: Rangers eye clinch after comeback

Dave Caldwell / NY Times:
Late Rally Solidifies Rangers’ Hold on Playoff Spot
Jesse Spector of the NY Daily News said, "John Tortorella spoke with downright tenderness about his team." A tender Torts? No way he misses this postgame presser. Who wouldn't want to be the "father" of this victory? Tortorella's postgame "emo" remarks:

Torts speaking the truth: "We are not a terribly gifted hockey club..."
Sauer's game winning goal.

Dave Maloney goes primal.

Kenny Albert came back and said, "and that high pitched primal scream you heard was from my colleague Dave Maloney" ...

via HFBoards
p.s. thank you Hockey Rodent for the shout out.

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