Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's All Over!

The Rangers have lost the last game of the season, again. A lot of teams lose the last game of the season. Only one team wins the last game of the season. However, the Rangers seem to lose the last game of the season sooner than most teams. Some teams win a bunch of games before they lose their last game of the season.

The last time the Rangers won a bunch of games before losing their last game was in the 1997 playoffs. That year the Rangers lost in the Eastern Conference finals to the Flyers 4-1. They had eliminated the Panthers and the Devils racking up a total of nine wins. That kind of playoff run I can live with. These one and dones are a waste and better they don't make the playoffs then go bye-bye in the first round.

The season and the evaluation of the future will be done at another time. Suffice to say that the Rangers are done. The season is over. Once again, we lost the last game of the season.


Since there were no "highlights" in the Rangers game to speak of, we will look elsewhere.

The Ducks' Bobby Ryan on his highlight reel goal -- Bobby Ryan put several moves on Nashville's David Legwand before putting the puck past Pekka Rinne for one of the best goals of the playoffs...

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  • Luke said...

    As much as I want to get bent out of shape about this loss, it seems difficult to muster the effort when NYR couldn't do it themselves?

    Avery/Boyle/Prust was the best Rangers line all night. I REALLY like that line, but if it's your best line, there are some serious problems.

    Thanks for another entertaining season Pundit. Enjoy your summer.


  • mike said...

    Luke-Spot on Luke. When the PAB line is the best you can do you are in trouble.

    I agree with you about not getting bent out of shape. The Ranger fans always seem to be more disappointed then the players.

    Of course we don't have the links awaiting us.

    Have a wonderful, safe summer.