Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rangers Go Limp: Thrashers 3, Rangers 0

A stunningly pitiful performance by our heroes. The slow, sloppy, lackluster Rangers suffered a devastating 3-0 shutout by the vacation bound Atlanta Thrashers.

The Rangers have now been shutout six times this year. That's 7.4% of all Rangers games end up with them laying a goose egg. The Thrashers, on the other hand, a team far out of the playoffs have just been shutout one time this year. So who is really the more consistent team? It is just more proof to us that without Henrik Lundqvist and his 11 shutouts and stellar shootout performances (9 SO wins) the Rangers are total bottom feeders.

Since the Rangers "are not a terribly gifted team," as Tortorella has said, they have to bring their defense and other intangibles to every game. That didn't happen tonight. Avery, Girardi and Gaborik made critical defensive mistakes that led to goals. The entire team looked spent. Even the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award winner, Brandon Prust, was gassed.

Gaborik's laziness on getting back on defense to cover the 34-year-old, fourth liner, Eric Boulton, led to the Thrashers third goal. Torts benched Gaborik for the final 15:41 of the game for that web gem. Gabby has been a ghost, no goals in his last eight games. His dismal performance down the home stretch just leaves you scratching your head. What happened to him? If something good doesn't happen this weekend the boo-birds will be aiming to drop some business on Gabby next year. Just like they did for that other Czech featherweight, Marek Malik.

Thrashers 3rd goal

The key measure of the Rangers defensive effort and intensity the blocked shot (BS) was also weak. The Rangers had only 11 blocked shots (BS). Girardi led with four.

So it comes down to the last game again. A Devils Saturday Matinee and Marty Brodeur, "Satan's Spawn," is sharpening his pitchfork. Payback time for Marty. Queasy time for Rangers fans.


Ban on Shot Blocking??

Some talk about banning or limiting shot blocking. How many player games have been lost this year due to shot blocking? Blocked shots (BS) have certainly changed the game compared to past decades. Is the sprawling shot block in the NHL like the flying wedge of football in in the 1890's: dangerous and an impediment to fair play?

Ottawa Citizen /
Gainey doesn't want full-body slides on shot blocking --
One of the best shot-blockers in NHL history is suggesting the league make alterations to the craft in an effort to increase offence.

Montreal Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey is proposing the NHL eliminate full-body sliding in the defensive zone to block a shot.

It was one of a number of proposals at the first general managers' meeting of the season yesterday in Chicago...
HockeyRodent Message Board:
Ban On Blocking Shots --
I just caught the between period interview of the Devil game with Stan Fischler and he proposed a ban on blocking shots in light of the Callahan injury. Which was specifically brought up and led to his comments.

Now he's forgotten more abooot hockey than I can hope to know...but time to hang up the skates Stan. He compared it to obstruction...

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  • Section 335 said...

    Last night was very disheartening. The money spent on Chris Drury and and Marian Gaborik (about 15 million, or 30% of the total team spend) has brought little value this year.

    I think Gaborik has played hurt this year, and give him credit. He will be back next year, and could put up a few good numbers in the playoffs if we make it. Drury has lost it. Not his fault. Age.

    So, I am ready to go two ways at this time of year. If Carolina loses, we play hard against the Devils and hope to clinch. If, on the other hand, Carolina wins tonight, beating the same Thrasher team we just tanked against, then they deserve in and we deserve out.

    In that case, I say bring on the Hanson Brothers against the Devils and let's have some old time hockey.

  • jb said...

    Yes, bring on the Hanson's. I hope this new hockey movie "Hit Somebody" gives us some new inspiration. It's hard to believe that Slap Shot is 34 years old. Playing without helmets looks ancient.

    That reminds me whatever happened to our designated goon, Derek Boogaard? If he's had post-concussion issues since his Dec. 9th fight how can they let him back on the ice? Do the Rangers want to risk permanent brain damage?

    Yeah, I can't get too mad at Drury. He only took the ridiculous offer and got old. Gaborik is a puzzle. I think Jaromir Jagr would have been more productive this year, and more durable.

    Is there anyway to watch the Atl-Thrasher game tonight? I hate watching the scoreboard. Anyway, tomorrow's game is still big and I hope Avery gets a chance to say hello to Marty.

  • jb said...

    I forgot to say: did you notice that Mats Zuccarello got called up? Torts/Sather are playing the percentages in the very last game. If the game goes to a shootout you probably want Zuccy in there. A shootout looks like a possibility too give both teams have trouble scoring goals.

  • blow-me-down said...

    I wasn't able to see this game live. maybe I won't take advantage of GameCenter Live's 48 hour replay function here :-(
    From all accounts it was a very poor display.

    This weekend is going to crap all over the Rangers, I am afraid. That's fair enough; the NYR has crapped all over themselves lately.

    Right now, Flyers are showing up against the Sabres, hoping for a Philly regulation win.
    Anything is possible, but even with the Rangers pulling off a gut-check win over the Debs, I just don't see Columbus (let's face it, they aren't capable of helping themselves, never mind another team,, they stink) beating the Sabres on Sunday. I have left the Canes out of this discussion, since I would bet my house that they win tonight and also handle Tampa Bay.

    Boogaard? Who is he and what does he bring, again? I've forgotten. Too funny.

    All aboard the train to next year land! Giving up on the Rangers...sacrilege, I know, but reality is overruling.