Monday, September 21, 2015

A New Beginning or SOS!

Well it's hockey time again. The T/Birds open their season tonight against Ward Melville and Nicholas coming off his winning the coveted T-Bird award will be playing his final High School season. It is a long way from when a four year-old stepped on the ice many years ago. Aah memories.

Meanwhile the Rangers open their exhibition season tonight against the Devils and I'm betting for another year of total frustration and the Pundit predicts another year without the Cup. The good news is The Stealth is gone and the bad news is that the coach Alain Vigneault is still around. This coach can't lead this team to the Cup. He is a reincarnation of Roger Nielson. Good regular season, bad playoffs.

To add further to the problem the Rangers got rid of super backup goalie Cam Talbot, who was magnificent in Lundqvist's absence last year. During the Kings absence Talbot was 16-4-3. He will be sorely missed. Maybe not by Lundqvist, but the fans and the team will. To replace him we have Anti Raanta. The good news is his record of 20-9-5 in two seasons with the Black Hawks. So it goes.

The Rangers will be starting their 89th season and I will start my 78th. I guess I will crack before they do. But I'm reminded of that old saying: Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.

Thursday night is the fifth annual Cocktails With A Cause, the charity run by number two son with his pals from Wall St. the One Percenters. It is to raise funds for St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children, located at 29-01 216th Street, Bayside, New York11360. The function will be Thursday, September 24 at Gansevort Hotel, 420 Park Avenue South, NYC starting at 5:30 PM. Tickets are  $200.00 per person. or call 7182818816. There will be celebrities to auction off many valuable items.

Some of the guests include actor Steve Baldwin, TV host Sandy Kenyon, Miss America and many surprises. Help the kids please. If you can't attend try to make a donation. No donation is too small. God bless you.

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  • Duncan said...

    You shouldn't tell people that Steven Baldwin will be there; that asshat will keep people away in droves.

  • Anonymous said...

    If you are affording tickets to Rangers games, you are affording tickets to charity events. Don't call them 1%ers.

  • McPhilly said...

    Really didn't expect the comment about Vigneault. I vaguely remember tom of playoff coaching decisions last season were head scratch territory, but the opposition was more than a match; the team was seriously banged up, especially on defense, Zucc was not available, and nothing but makes up for regular season Nash disappearing -- if anyone had a good season/disappointing playoffs, it was Nash. Hope Vigs is the kind who is not too proud to learn from his mistakes, is all.

  • mike said...

    Duncan-Anyone who can give his time and money to help under previleged kids, can't be all bad. Could it be you have the wrong Baldwin?

  • mike said...

    Anonymous-Lighten up. It was a joke.

  • mike said...

    McPhilley-Hope you are right my friend.

  • Anonymous said...

    Stanley Cup Final one year ago, Conference Final this spring. Yeah, it's hopeless to progress with Vigneault for sure. Bring back Tortorella!

  • mike said...

    anonymous-Look at the trend line. The wrong direction.

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