Friday, April 29, 2011

Three More Years

The final buzzer at game five of the Caps-Rangers series not only ended the Rangers season it also woke up our Stealth GM from his Rip Van Winkle year long sleep. He woke up, saw his shadow and signed coach disagreeable to a new three year deal. But we are used to great things from our beloved Stealth.

After all we have won all of two first-round series in what, thirteen years. He has made so many great trades that have enabled us to put up a great fight for 8th place every year. So he gave us this extra bonus of signing coach disagreeable immediately after our elimination. Don't know what clinched the deal? Maybe it was the power play that was consistent in its inability to put the puck into the net.

Maybe it was the way he played players who were too fatigued in the third period to have any impact. Maybe it was the way he constantly changed lines, during the game and sometimes during shifts. Maybe he liked the fact that he was always throwing a player under the bus. It probably was the fact that he was great with the local press after the game. I hear he is a finalist for the Larry Brooks Mr. Congeniality award.

Whatever it is we have our coach disagreeable back. And I'm thrilled. The last time I was that thrilled was when I was in the hospital and they did an endoscopy and colonoscopy back to back. So yes I am picky. The good news is that The Stealth has gone back to sleep. The bad news is that we have coach disagreeable for three more years.

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  • Slashman said...

    At least he gives good press conference.

  • mike said...

    Slashman-So does Muammar Gaddafi.

  • jb said...

    I think Torts only gives good press conference after a win. After a loss he's a taciturn SOB, who sometimes runs away.

    Mike, I think you've hit on something big! There are many similarities between the two tyrannical dictators, Torts and Gaddaffi. Enough that I'll do a post for you.

  • jeanine1994 said...

    Personally I just don't get how anyone can like Tortorella
    No pp, no offense, we never go to the net, we play to protect the lead in third periods, it's all play it safe hockey methods
    Never has a champion been built with a play it safe mentality

  • jb said...

    It looks like Torts believes his primary responsibility is "motivating" the players. All the details about the game, like the PP, offense, etc are left for the assistant coaches and players to figure out on their own. It also looks like making between period adjustments is also not his thing. He's a hollow shell with a gruff exterior.