Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Comeback Kids

Oh Prince Henrik! We are not worthyThe Rangers did something last night that they haven't done since the first game of the season. They came from behind in the third period to win a hockey game. Jaromir Jagr did something he hasn't done all year. He scored two goals in one game. Even the refs did something that I have never seen. They called a five minute interference call on Colton Orr, who leveled Matt Cullen, knocking him out of the game. I have never heard of a five minute interference call. I thought Cullen had the puck and a case could have been made for elbowing, which I didn't think was the case, but I didn't see interference.

It was a feisty game fired up by a holiday crowd that reacted to every hit and save as if the season was on the line. It was only the third Ranger win in the last eleven games so there was a little desperation in both the Rangers play and the crowd's enthusiasm. Two Ranger were ejected from the game. Orr, who tangled with Commodore after Orr's hit, and Avery, who tangled with Ladd and anyone else who would get in his way.

The big guys all delivered. Jagr, with his two goals and number one star status, didn't seem that pleased accepting the award. Gomez, played great racking up two assists. His last assist was a thing of beauty, stripping the puck from a Carolina defender behind the Carolina net and feeding Jagr who backhanded it in. Drury was the third star getting the tying goal by doing the dirty work in front of the net. Shanahan got two huge assists. Both were shots on goal during power plays that resulted in Drury's tying goal and Girardi's game winner. Simple game. Shoot that puck, score that goal.

Can't sign off without mentioning Henrik Lundqvist, who in the final minutes made two out of this world saves. Carolina pulled their goalie with almost two minutes to play and the Rangers started to self destruct with penalties. It went from six skaters to five, down to six vs four and finally to six vs three and through it all the Prince stood tall, well actually prone and flat and tall. Well you get the idea. The crowd went wild letting out all the enthusiasm, frustration and cheap beer it had in them. Hail to The Prince.

ICINGS: You keep reading about the Garden scandals and now a former Ranger ice girl has settled a law suit with the Garden over Ranger management behavior, or lack of it. Amazing how the management of this once proud organization has declined in class. No more Season Greetings or Happy Holidays on the ice or seasonal music. Boy how I miss Mike Gutkowski who was Mr. Class and the organization showed it. However. I did have a grand time last night with number one son and two of my grand kids, Kaila and Nicholas, cheering on our beloved Rangers. Lets Go Rangers.

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  • The Dark Ranger said...

    Eleven million bucks and anything in today's world can go away. Wait until China buys Cablevision!!?

    What a turn around is right! Glad you could have the 'live' experience with your family. My three year old is a year away from attending mid-day games, and with a new little boy coming in March -- it only means I'll need to work four season tickets. Ugh on the earnings... lol.

    Henrik was remarkable on those last couple of shots, Jagr was outstanding (old Jagr) and everyone seemed to have their shit together.

    Look at it this way, Pundit, the Rangers are far better off in record and standings this season than last year - and with Prucha now being shopped for that d-man we've all talked about, who knows...

    Hope in 2008. Happy New Year PUndit. Toronto on Sat. is a big one and YOU know what I'm looking forward to...


  • Anonymous said...

    It's been one step forward, two steps backwards for this team. We're all waiting for two-steps forward. Let's see if they can put two together and not use Henrik as a crutch for the next step.

  • mike said...

    the dark ranger-Maybe China will improve the menu at the Play By Play. We can change personnel all we want but with coach clueless it will be for naught. Long live The Prince-Henrik Lundqvist.
    Congratulations on your new addition and may you and yours have the Happiest of New Years.

  • mike said...

    mackinator-Lundqvist is not the crutch, he is the glue, the wall the terminator. Without him, there are no Rangers.
    Happy New Years my friend.

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