Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rocky Mountain Low

Rocky Mountain Low
Well the Rangers went to the mountain and it did nothing but bring them more grief. Ah, the apologists will tell us they played better and earned a point. Did they really play better? Henrik Lundqvist made 16 saves in the first period and the Rangers left the ice after one leading 1-0. There were massive giveaways and misplays. Most of the saves Lundqvist made were from in close. It was amazing. The Rangers kept giving it away and The Prince kept coming up big. You knew it wasn't going to last.

Lundqvist had to fight through a double minor given to Rozsival and later in the period he was outstanding killing off 1:43 of a 5 on 3. Blair Betts was outstanding also during this penalty blocking many a shot. It didn't take long for the Rangers loose play to burn Lundqvist. Strudwick tried one of those soft passes, for which the Ranger D-men have become famous for, and it was converted into the tying goal by Milan Hejduk his first of two as he looked like he would duplicate Gaborik's performance of the previous night. The Rangers rallied to lead 3-2 on goals by Rozsival (9) and Staal (2).

The tying goal that killed the Rangers was a softie by Marek Svatos who fanned initially and then rolled one through Lundqvist. Bad goal but what do you expect when your players are giving away the puck and they refuse to hit anyone who has the puck. Then the winner in OT when after a flurry in front of the Colorado net the Rangers were caught up ice, at least Jagr was, and Jeff Finger pounced on a loose puck and fired a shot that was saved by Lundqvist but a big juicy rebound was tucked in by Wojtek Wolski, left alone, for the winner. There was Jagr standing by the boards watching all this. Somehow the score sheet has him missing on this goal. I think he was missing all night and has been missing for a while now. While the big guys on the other teams have been stepping up our big guy is counting the house. Is there something wrong here?

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  • The Iron Sheik said...

    Right now I think Renney has two choices 1) hope everything sorts itself out or 2) strip the C off Jagr's chest.

    If he takes the C off of Jagr, I can't imagine he will take it well and it could turn a frustrating season into a disaster.

    The only other option is to start working the phones and bring in some outside help. Who, I have no idea, but something is not cliking with this team 35 games in.

  • The Dark Ranger said...

    Pundit, have to hand it to you -- your pictures have been terrific...funny. Worthy.

    Again, this dilemma of Jagr is rubbing off on the entire team. Even Shanny and Drury, who wait on at the opponent's net...lookin' for DIRTY GOALS...are suddenly absent and now playing the perimeter. I don't get it. 2 wins out of 9 games...and how did we win. We shot the puck and charged the net. BINGO!

  • mike said...

    the iron sheik-Third choice. Get rid of the coach.

  • mike said...

    the dark ranger-And Lundqvist, The Prince, got two shutouts. The team has Jagritis.

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